If you use cayenne pepper you should to now

Cayenne pepper is an excellent analgesic often used topically to relieve pain and no herb works
better to relieve congestion.

Cayenne is a warming circulatory stimulant,a safe and effective tonic for the heart,
and an excellent digestive aid. One of its active ingredients, capsaicin, stimulates

circulation throughout the body and assists in digestion by stimulating the release of

both saliva and stomach enzymes. Rich in vitamins A and C, cayenne can aid and support the immune system,
which is one of the reasons it’s so useful in formulas for colds. Only the fruit is edible and medicinal the
leaves, stems, and flowers can be toxic.
Cayenne, though perfectly safe, needs a warning sign,this herb is very hot, If

for no other reason you should use it cautiously.

Cayenne is a strong stimulant and can cause stomach convulsions if taken in large amounts.
The most important thing is to use appropriate dosages.

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